The reasons for talking to your pharmacist!

Yes it is quite true. You can certainly talk to your local pharmacist for any healthcare issues or questions. Usually these matters are not considered to be important enough to consult a doctor for, or matters for which people look for advice whether a doctor should be consulted or not.

There is also a wide range of health supplements and items in pharmacies and drug stores, and a pharmacist can give a professional opinion on a particular product or condition. Usually, a pharmacist will not recommend a product if it is not suitable for you.

According to your case, your pharmacist will refer you to your doctor or in urgency, will refer you to the most appropriate hospital. Like any service, look for a pharmacist you trust and is sincerely interested in your health and well-being.

You can discuss your current medications prescribed by your doctor, health supplements or Over-the-Counter (OTC) medicines you may be using to cure a cold or pain, giving up smoking, child care, and almost anything related to health.

Some pharmacies also provide drug-substitution programs that can help those who wish to stop using a street-drug. This should be discussed with your doctor first, but there are various pharmacies that facilitate this program which can greatly improve a person’s health and life in general. Most importantly, when you are required to visit a pharmacist, no appointment is required and you do not have to pay any consultation fee whatsoever.

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