Our Products

Through extensive efforts and an unrelenting professional approach, Glisten Pharma has acquired valuable expertise and unsurpassed professionalism in the marketing of a great number of products of pharmaceutical and biotechnical nature. Listed below are the specific products that we deal in.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients – API’s

Through our inexorable and enterprising efforts, we have built a noticeable collection of active pharmaceutical ingredients coming from various individual sources spread all over the globe. On top of that our prices are highly competitive at all levels in the market and we are quite certain that you would definitely find with us, a product that specifically suits your requirements.

Formulations – Finished Products

Through our dedicated and professional endeavors, we have gathered a reasonable collection of finished products. Moreover, we are in search of all such pharmaceutical organizations that would be interested in having these products registered in their names.

Aiming to fulfill each and every requirement of yours

In case your required product was not found through any of the given links, Inshaa Allah, with the highest level of professional commitment and dedication, Glisten Pharma will take all steps necessary to provide you with the product of your need.

We are working with the Business development of many companies (internationally) to seel for them their specific generic as well as technological requirements.